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CryptoPlace - the easiest way to earn on cryptocurrency

Create a personal wallet

To become part of our team, you need to create a personal wallet by filling out a simple registration form with reliable data

Choose the best rate

Choose the most favorable rate and start earning.
Remember: the higher the interest rate, the faster the earnings

Make profit every day

Get 3.5% per day with a deposit of only 50 $. You can also increase income by receiving bonuses and inviting people with your ref link

About CryptoPlace

We know from our own experience that you need to spend a lot of personal time for mining coins, save or even borrow into debt for the purchase of capacities, and wait for the payback for more than a year.
But what if we say that it can be fast, with minimal investment, and costs less than you expect?
We believe that investments should be accessible to everyone! Therefore, in 2017, we founded CryptoPlace company. We offer our customers the opportunity to completely change their lives. We want to making people rich and free.
We bought all the necessary equipment for you, created a comfortable and, most importantly, simple mining panel, took care of the security of your investments and personal data, and provided round-the-clock service of mining farms.
Our team has come a long way in cloud mining, and therefore we want to make this process as easy as possible for you!
Register on the site and take advantage of cloud mining right now!

why choose CryptoPlace


Round-the-clock work of data centers,
constant control over the work of miners

Quick withdrawals

Already within 1 hour after application,
You will get your profit on the wallet

Instant connection

The equipment starts immediately after registration. Get your first money in 24 hours

Online wallet

Every day you receive your cryptocurrency in your personal account

Expert support

Our experts are always ready to help solve any questions at any time of the day

Safekeeping of capital

We guarantee the safety of your investment and the protection of your account

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We offer

Each contract is valid for 6 months


1 %

0 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


2 %

1 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


2.5 %

5 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


3 %

25 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


3.5 %

50 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


4 %

100 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


4.5 %

200 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


5 %

400 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


5.5 %

800 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register


6 %

1600 $

+ 2500 Gh/s for register

faq' s

Frequently Asked Questions:

To register, click the registration button, fill out all the fields in the form and click "register". Register
To receive a bonus, open tab "bonus" and click on "get bonus" This kind of bonus is random from 5 Gh / s to 50 Gh / s every 30 minutes.
The minimum amount to withdraw: 0.05000000 BCH; 0.02587594 LTC; 0.00500000 BTC; 540.34081087 DOGE; 200.00000000 TRX; 0.10000000 XMR;
If you do not replenish your account, you will need 35-40 days to accumulate a minimum amount. This is provided that you will receive a bonus and invite friends. If your referrals make a deposit, production will accelerate significantly.

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